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I am:

  • passionate about helping clients expend less energy regulating their emotions and more time embodying their true purpose and potential
  • committed to the process of self-actualization and peak performance
  • an IPEC Certified Professional Coach, Energy-Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Performance & Leadership Dynamics Specialist, Life Languages™ Communication Coach, I AM Yoga Nidra™ meditation guide and I AM Advanced Yoga® instructor with a B.S. in Elementary Education who for 20+ years co-created an airboat and paddleboard flyfishing lodge in the Turks & Caicos Islands while homeschooling 3 beautiful sons between two countries

My clients are:

  • driven by authenticity and self-determination
  • willing to explore connections between their thoughts, emotions, actions and outcomes
  • committed to the process of self-development
  • individuals, groups, teams and corporations

I offer:

  • 6-month Self-Intelligence Masterclasses 
  • individualized coaching packages via phone or Zoom (in-person sessions are available for teams)
  • 4-hr coaching Intensives (with 30-min break) in-person, on-site, phone or Zoom
  • presentations, workshops, adventures and retreats

Clients are saying:

  • “[Performance Coaching] gave me a whole new confidence in myself.”
  • “Marian really worked with me on a personal level…I feel more confident addressing issues in my life…I’ve also learned to slow down and consider the difference between responding and reacting, which I feel has helped me relate to others better.”
  • “…I’ve gained a better understanding of the control my mind and thoughts have over my actions and now can use that to boost my performance.”
  • “[Performance coaching] helped me think through my emotions and find ways to get out of a depressive state. I am able to rationalize and find opportunity in bad things.”
  • “The most important aspect I learned in Performance Dynamics Training was to be more humble towards my teammates. This is important to my success due to the fact that before I had a cocky attitude.”
  • “Learning about my energy levels and influences was EXTREMELY helpful to me because it allowed me to view myself objectively and work towards fixing any negative/catabolic energy I had.”
  • “I gained the knowledge to control my thoughts better. I finally was able to stop thinking and putting myself down all the time. In the past few weeks, I’ve finally been able to silence my gremlins and get through my depression.”


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Marian Jayne, CPC, ELI-MP

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