Together we’ll explore the gap between your ideal life and your present reality.

I’ll guide you through a laser focused process that takes you to the source and power of who you are so you can have the life your soul hungers to create.

I don’t promise instant gratification, but I have the tools and skills to help free your mind and emotions from the fears and doubts that are keeping you stuck.


You can spend years trying to figure yourself out or you can hire a professional who knows how to help connect, integrate and align parts that feel disconnected from your whole, complete and truest self. Your first call, to explore how to get the results you’re looking for, is on me.


Are you looking for an edge at work or in your favorite sport? I design programs for individuals and teams that take performance to the next level. Flow state doesn’t have to be an experience you hope shows up when you need it–I’ll work with you to cultivate it on command.


Want a safe but compelling adventure where you can marvel at how successfully you are able to meet challenges you never thought possible? I collaborate with outdoor adventure companies to not only deliver a thrilling experience but also provide you with tools, skills, practices and reflections that will change the way you do life.

It felt good to have a space that was just dedicated for me where all I had to think about was me….It’s just nice to have that time and be able to reflect on what’s really within me. I’m actually a very strong person. I need to tap into that more.


Hi, I’m Marian Jayne. I ask the questions your soul longs to answer.