Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Class

I am offering an interactive Zoom course on Emotional Intelligence & Self Discipline to help teens and parents recognize, regulate and respond to their own thoughts, emotions and actions in a meaningful and effective way so that they can develop higher levels of self-trust, authenticity and personal potential. 

The purpose of this class is to provide teens and parents with highly dynamic concepts and vocabulary for how they are experiencing their own mental, emotional and social life. Practice of the concepts presented in this course will help attendees create a refined ability to regulate and improve their own thoughts and emotions, as well as their relationships to others.

This course will combine many concepts of modern neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, mastery mindset, energy leadership, goal setting, emotional regulation, history, philosophy and economics. We will be taking a top-down approach by learning practical information about the nervous system as well as bottom-up learning by tuning in to the habits and patterns of our own systems. We will also look at modern examples where concepts of social connection and emotional resourcing play out in the real world. 

About me: I homeschooled 3 sons from K-12 while living between Melbourne Beach and Turks & Caicos Islands where our family operated a seasonal fly-fishing lodge. I have a degree in Elementary Education, am a certified professional life, leadership and performance coach as well as a meditative yoga instructor who loves helping teens and young adults create a life of purpose from a place of intelligent self-trust.  

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

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  • 8-week Level 1 class with the possibility of another 8-week Level 2 class
  • Level-1 Week of Jan 17th-Mar 7th
    • Introduction to: 6 Areas of Influence; 7 Energy Levels; 5 Stress Responses; Autonomic Nervous System & Window of Tolerance (Capacity); Intuitive Awareness; Self-Narrative; Mindfulness; Reaction vs Response; Ego vs Essence; Universal Behavioral Patterns; Etc
  • Level 2- Week of Mar 21st-May 9th
    • Deeper dive into Level 1 Topics & More

Day & Time: TBD by student poll (on registration form)

Location: Live Recorded Zoom calls with 1-2 optional in-person meetings TBD by group

Cost: $125; min 8 attendees (I’ll send an email requesting check to be mailed once minimum enrollment has been met)

For: Teens & Parents

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