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I’m Marian Jayne, an aging mom, outdoor adventurer and homeschool philosopher, passionate about sharing simple, and sometimes weird, truths to make your life better. Thanks for visiting!

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Carpe Omnia

At the time, when I was a newlywed, I didn’t understand why I liked serving salads with pieces of lettuce too big for dinner guests to easily fork into their mouths. Though I was jokingly accused of serving oversized lettuce for the sadistic pleasure of watching people struggle, it wasn’t until today that I madeContinue reading “Carpe Omnia”

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Hi, I’m Marian. Previously a homeschooling mom to 3 beautiful sons and fly fishing host/guide in the Turks & Caicos Islands, I’ve evolved into a guide for radical self-development. I love talking about how to live your best life through emotional and neuroeducational intelligence. Read more

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